A collaborative project between Jessie Delatousche & myself.
Gathering thorough and varied user research was critical for us to ensure we could design a solution that had the greatest impact on patient experience. Speaking to both a variety of staff and patients we conducted user interviews. On top of user interviews, we distributed a survey on NHS Tayside social media, conducted observational studies and also installed an anonymous comments box at reception. 
User stories were constructed to help us contextualise and build shared understanding of the service user's needs that we identified from our research:

As a walk in emergency department patient I would like to know which stream I belong in and the journey I will follow as a patient so that I know what to expect.
As an emergency department consultant I want patients to be aware of the layout of the department so that they can easily navigate the wider department area if they require any further tests.
As a triage nurse I want patients to be better informed about the way the department works so that the number of commonly asked questions is reduced and patients waiting times decrease.
The data gathered allowed us to create a skeleton script and produce rough motion graphic experiments that we tested with real service users.

The outcome was a series of three motion graphic videos, two that we individually designed and one as a joint effort.
How does the emergency department work? (Designed by Callum Laird).
Welcome to the emergency department (Designed by Jessie Delatousche).
What is redirection? (Designed by Callum Laird & Jessie Delatousche).
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