5.2 million cups of milk are thrown down the drain each day in the UK.

Food waste is a large issue that we currently face today, on average, costing the average UK household £470 a year. The Mimica Touch label aims to change this. 
We aimed our campaign towards everyday working people and families that are environmentally conscious but either do not know how they can make a difference from home, or want to make change but cannot go out and protest or tie themselves to parliament! 

We wanted to avoid the imagery and language associated with traditional activism and protest and instead channel that into the one touch closer campaign that would instead show the warmth of human touch and relate to the mimica label and how this can be just as if not more effective than political protesting​​​​​​​.
We want to humanise mimica touch.  A touch can be reactive. A touch can make a difference. A touch can be a force of change.

We touch things every day. A light switch, your phone, a coffee, someone’s hand. We want our campaign to show how people can emotionally connect with each other, by using touch - which is what humanises mimica.​​​​​​​
TV/Social Media Advert

The concept focuses mainly on everyday touch. We really want to drive the message that touch can change our lives. Not everyone is able to be an activist, but we can do our best from our home. This video shows everyday people showing affection and emotionally connecting because every touch can make a difference.
Motion poster concept.
Motion poster mockup.
Posters featuring the tagline 'one touch closer...' which related not only to human touch but also the idea that by using the mimica label, you are literally one touch closer to solving the problem of food and drink waste.
Mockups showing posters in supermarket environment.
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