Airzone is a 5G powered outdoor air quality monitor that I designed in response to the giffgaff brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020. Airzone is a giffgaff 5G powered outdoor air quality monitor that users can share their data anonymously to create a community powered air quality map as well as receive discounts towards public transport when air quality is poor
Through my initial research I discovered that climate change and air quality were the two issues that my research participants were most concerned about. I focused on air quality as it is an issue that hasn’t had a huge amount of attention yet caused a lot of concern within the group. Air quality is an issue which is scientific and misunderstood by many - I set out to try and make air quality easier to understand
The airzone product itself is inspired by the peace lily, which is one of the best plants for removing toxins from the air. I wanted to utilise biomimicry methodologies throughout my design process for the airzone project to bring together the link between nature and technology
Low-fidelity cardboard prototyping & early stage 3D models.
Final design of airzone product.
UI design for airzone app.
Packaging design for airzone product.
Billboard motion posters.
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